CHIMEI Targets to Market 40,000 LED Desk Lamps in 2012
Nexgen Mediatech Inc., a member of the CHIMEI Group has launched its E1 series LED desk lamp, aiming for sales of over 40,000 such lamps to maintain the No.1 place in the island market with a 30% market share.

The E1 series LED desk lamp is designed for pink-collar office ladies, and it is inspired by children’s floral graffiti with concise style and lively colors.

M.L. Yu, senior director of CHIMEI Business Unit pointed out that Nexgen has successfully tapped the Japanese market by cooperating with large retail channels such as local outlet Big Camera and famous online shopping website And its first-year sales volume in Japan was estimated to reach 15,000 units, and total sales volume of LED desk lamps at home and abroad is expected to reach 60,000 in 2012.